Thursday, October 23, 2008

Town Priorities: a Fancy Plaza or a working Clinic?

At a recent meeting, it was revealed by a local builder that he was attempting to raise funds to be used to build a plaza at a location by the beach. Around 25 people attended the meeting. Most thought the idea had some merit, not at the suggested location but at another also by the beach. The plaza needs to be where it belongs, next to the Church said someone, others agreed. The meeting ended on a positive note. But some are now having second thoughts.

Here's one:

'The idea of building a plaza on the beach may sound like a good idea, but in truth Chacala has far greater needs. Here are just a few. First on my list, would be to complete our new CLINIC, located on the badly-in-need-of-repair road to Chacalilla. The clinic, built with funds supplied by Rotary International, needs a sidewalk, a small garden with stepping stones, benches for people to sit on and public lighting. A request has been made to a U.S Rotary Club for furniture.

Chacala's Medical Clinic: Soon to be opened

Our town has been a leader in the recycling of plastic thanks to our children of EBACH, who in their spare time collect tons of plastic, which is then stored at our recycling center for pick up. We intend to expand our recycling efforts to include glass, paper and cardboard but we need to build a roof over the center to keep things dry.

Of course, we need a place to hang out, that is attractive to tourists and locals alike, but all projects do not necessarily come from good intentions, money should not be wasted. We can't build a plaza in a strategic place that will
become a public bar, when we still have unfinished projects like garbage and health.

Signed Viky Robelo.

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