Monday, October 20, 2008

Lifeguards - Here to Stay?

The annual loss of life due to drowning at the beach has resulted in the formation of a new organization: The Chacala Beach Lifeguard program.

Organizers have opened a bank account in Las Varas and are in the process of collecting donations to be used solely for lifeguards salaries.

You may have seen these lifeguards operating from a raised platform directly in front of Acela's Restaurant.

Day-to-day operations of providing lifeguards for the beach have been conducted solely by Karla of the Las Brisas Restaurant. She has arranged the schedule, has fed the guards along with other restaurants and has collected from most of the bay restaurants to meet payroll. She has even advanced her own money to keep the program going.

The fundraisers hope to be more involved with Karla in the entire lifeguard program; after all, she does have a business to run.

We have thankfully received private donations, from $5 to $50 USD, from local people and even from Chacalilla and La Penita. All local businesses are being encouraged to give monthly donations to keep and improve the current system. Donors are being presented with a certificate of their participation for posting in their places of business. Look out for these in the local shops, restaurants and other business that you patronise.

Donations of any size will be accepted and can be given straight to Concha from Casa Concha who is the treasurer of the organization. We are also planning to set up donation boxes at several locations including Las Brisas. For any further information, please feel free to contact the following addresses:

Gordon Preston:
Concha Velasquez:
Emilia & Arturo:

We all want our beach to be safe so let's make sure everyone from local business people, residents and visitors all pull together to keep lifeguards on our beach.

Viva Chacala

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