Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Cats & Dogs


Thank you to all of you that made Chacala’s First Free Spay & Neuter Clinic a success! We spayed and neutered about 60 cats & dogs helping to make Chacala a healthier and happier village for both the animals and the people.

A special THANK YOU to those people that made it happen……

PEACE (Protection•Educate•Animals•Culture•Environment) is a non profit organization that provides veterinarians and staff for Free Spay & Neuter Clinics in Mexico.
Molly, Anthony, Gaby, Zaidy, Humberto, & Lalo

VOLUNTEERS We were fortunate to have an awesome group of volunteers including some very experienced ladies from Lo de Marcos, La Penita and Guayabitos as well as some very dedicated people from Chacala.
Luis, Tobi, Vicki, Tandy, Gustavo, Leo’s Daughter
+ friend, Ana, Celia, Melanie, Sara, Jacque, & Isabel

DONATIONS Chacala restaurant owners and a local chef were very generous in their donations of food for the veterinarians and their assistants. In addition, business owners donated rooms for the PEACE Staff and supplies for the clinic.
Acela’s, Chico’s, Majahua, Mar 3, Mar de Jade,
Gordon, Casa Monarca, & Pepe/Koranay

ORGANIZERS Chacala locals worked together to bring PEACE to Chacala.

Jose Enrique, Luis, Viki, OM, & Tandy


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Anonymous said...

Now if we could just keep our local pets - dogs and cats ALIVE, that would be something to strive for!!