Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Beach IS Open!

Here's what to expect when you visit Chacala this year:

You won't be able to drive into town past those ugly shacks that lined the side of the beach road, they are all gone. You will enter town from the paved road either past Koko Bongos restaurant or down the cobbled road past Concha's. Missing will be the motor-homes and camping under the palms, as this is the part of Chacala that has been fenced off for new development.

The rest of Chacala is unchanged, the people friendly as always. Accommodations are plentiful, restaurants are still serving fish, fish, more fish and shrimp,. A new deli style restaurant just opened that doesn't offer seafood, but serves items such as baguettes, quiche, great breakfasts and coffee that is to die for. Taking your laundry to Las Varas will soon be a thing of the past, with the opening of a new laundry-mat located close to the Church. There's even as interest in opening a hair salon for the ladies.

Chacala is open, alive and well. True the run down shanty houses on the beach are gone and el Delphin is no more, but other restaurants from Chico's to Mingo's are open for business. And yes you can still visit the entire beach from any of them, including both Mar de Jade and Majuaha.

There is plenty of good news, come see for yourself!

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