Tuesday, December 28, 2010


It was a beautiful Christmas morning as we climbed the hill to the north west of Maralta. (high-sea) Maralta is the lake you see a little before coming to Chacala. There is a road which runs through Rancho Maralta before entering the jungle climbing over two ridges and then descending to La Caleta. (Four wheel drive is advised, close all gates to keep the cattle where they belong and ask permission to pass through the rancho if you see anyone there) Ellie, Susan and I had come to put up trail signs for the trail that begins at the corral on the north east corner of Chacala and ends at Caleta, a small rock strewn cove with palapas, camping, and a left hand break at Caleta point where surfers come in search of some thrills. The hike takes about an hour each way with a moderate ascent along a rocky trail that the ganado (cattle) use to get to the occasional area of grass in the jungle) Keep your eyes peeled for the occasional cow paddy lying in wait to mess with your shoes. Around half the people who have tried to make this hike have been lost and had to return. (Some have been stuck in the jungle when night had overcome them before they could make their way back to Chacala) Juan has been care taking Caleta for years…so if you take the hike consider bringing him some goodies since he and his four friendly dogs rarely get out to get provisions. The signs were placed at the most obvious places where hikers loose their way…However, it still won’t take much effort to lose your way and return without the sublime Caleta experience.


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