Wednesday, February 9, 2011


For the last month there has been a free hike, open for all, once a week. Usually Lance leads the hikes at 9 am on Wednesday morning. Notices of the destination, duration, and things to bring are posted on boards around town. The usual destinations are Las Cuevas which is a two hour hike south to a pristine sandy cove that is about 200 meters in length, and Caleta to the north an hour hike to a rocky beach. The weekly hikes will continue into March and will begin again next December.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Lance. Enjoyed the hike. Very nice beach at Caleta. Hope to see you next year. Tom & Juanita Ice Colorado

Anonymous said...

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nova said...

HI Lance, I will be in Chacala (for my 3rd year) with a group of people renting Casa Tortugas for a yoga retreat. We might like to have a guided hike one or two mornings to the beach. Can we arrange that with you? We will be there Feb 5 - 18, 2012.
thanks much,
nova sprick

Anonymous said...

hi all

i was wondering if the fencing on the beach is still up. I tried to find out via online postings, but couldn't. if you have any idea about the situation, we'd love to know.