Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Chacala Story
Is now in Print
Chacala, not only rich with perfect sand beaches and tropical abundance ... it
is also rich with legends, amazing tales and human history dating as far back as
23 centuries! All of this has been compiled into a small full color booklet in
both English and Spanish and is now on sale.

Priced at only 50 pesos we hope that you will pick up your copy which is
available at a number of local outlets around town including Chac Mool, Las
Brises, Casa Pacifica, Gordon and more. It's interesting and entertaining with
lots of pictures. Not only will you want a copy for yourself but for your
friends as well so they can see what Chacala is all about. We have tried keep
the price as low as possible in order to make the booklet available to as many
people as possible. Any profits from this booklet will be given to local
projects. For quantity orders a discount is available. Please contact Gordon
in Mexico at 327 219 4079
from the U.S… 248 562 2338 or 313 429 4765
Email: gpreston27@yahoo.com
Copies will become available in the U.S. and Canada. If you have an interest
please email Gordon.

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