Saturday, November 1, 2008

A visit to Chacalilla: Paradise Behind the Gate

Ten years ago a visit to Chacalilla would involve walking around the point past the lighthouse, or entering through the old gate, the original entrance now closed, was located at the west end of Chacala's main street, or you could trek through the jungle. Or you could go by boat, you still can.

One of the cobbled roads put in by the development

Back then it was mostly all jungle; inhabitants were gone and only one family remained soon to be gone. There were no cobbled roads that now connect all parts of the peninsular, only a primitive road that connected the gate to the beach and the lighthouse, and several footpaths. One path connected the lighthouse to the beach and another originated at the beach, meandered past the now filled in lagoon and came out at a place, close to where the main entrance to Chacalilla is now located.

Ten years later a trip to Chacalilla is a trip worth taking. No its not open to the public at large, it is, after all a gated community, but if you get a chance to visit, do. See its pristine beach, it lovely homes, some with views of the Pacific Ocean and the Chacala Bay. Its tennis courts and other recreational facilities are first class, everything is well done.

Chacalilla, was it good for the people of Chacala? Most have never been allowed past the gate, and the beach off limit except by boat. Promises made by the developer have not been kept.

In a future blog we will publish a list of those un fulfilled promises.

It is true that just a few Chacala residents are employed in Chacalilla as housekeepers, cooks and gardeners, Some residents do support the town, but others avoid the town entirely, some would get lost in down town Chacala.

Now there's a new develoment in Chacala's future... Will things it be any different, will the town and its people be part of this new plan. or just shut out again. On the outside looking in.

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