Friday, November 7, 2008

It's all about teeth

"Its like taking a free vacation" was the way Donna from Vancouver Island described her visit to Chacala last winter. She and husband John, regular vacationers to Mexico have discovered, like many others, that killing two birds for with one stone is not a bad idea.

Unrelated photo of a rodeo in a town near Chacala.

The cost of medicine in the U.S. has sky-rocketed in recent years and while most people would not be coming to Mexico for medical treatment, not yet anyway, getting your teeth fixed is another matter.

Hundreds if not thousands of visitors from both the U.S. and Canada are now taking advantage of the low cost dentistry available in Mexico.

Chacala does not have any dentists but Las Varas, six miles away, does. What Chacala has are lots of nice places to stay, some good restaurants and a beautiful beach.

According to the 2007 book on medical tourism, 'Patients Beyond Borders', dentures cost about $2,400 in the U.S. compared to about $1,500 in Mexico and crowns that cost $800 in the U.S. are about $375 in Mexico, and in Las Varas even less.

Picking a dentist is a personal, however we would be happy to share our experience with others on request.

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