Saturday, March 10, 2007

Gordon's 80th B-Day

Today, March 9, 2007 is my 80th birthday and today is the birth date of the Chacala Life blog. In Chacala some refer to me as the O.G. of Chacala – the oldest gringo or original gringo. Oldest perhaps, original, that’s debatable. Gringo’s visited Chacala long before I did, long before the paved road and long before places to stay were available. I haven’t missed spending a winter here for more than a dozen years-here’s hoping for a dozen more.

It used to be said about the Italian City “See Naples and Die”. I say “see Chacala and live to see it again.” Perfect it isn’t but it is good enough for me.

Viva Chacala Life
Posted by Gordon P., the OG of Chacala


Anonymous said...

Sir Gordon

It could have been any Friday night at sunset in Chacala. The sky was vibrant with shades of pink and violet. There was a slight breeze and the cameras were flashing to catch the last glimpse of the sun on March 9, 2007. But this was a special day. A group of partiers was gathered on the beach at Las Brisas to celebrate the eightieth birthday of Gordon Preston known to many around these parts as O.G. (Old Gringo or Old Gordon, take your pick) a before-the-roader, that is one who has been coming here since before the new road was constructed.

Canadians, Americans, and Mexicanos alike shared an unexpected and wonderful meal of sweet and sour pork, cauliflower, and garlic mashed potatoes…a difficult menu to obtain during the Lenten season. The food was prepared with attention to detail by Las Brisa’s Piedad and at the request of Gordon’s wife, Nancy. As always the Pacifico was bien fria, the margaritas were strong and the brandy was delicious. Roses, candles and other flowers provided a festive atmosphere.

This wonderful feast provided a great time to share stories and celebrate the birthday of a man that is known by everyone in Chacala. Gordon got right into his first bite of Tres Leche Cake, with a little help from someone behind him. A dual language version of Happy Birthday was sung with best wishes and felicidades.

In honor of that day, eighty years ago when Gordon was born, and to pay due respect to our elder and beloved friend, Gordon was crowned, knighted and robed with an embroidered cape identifying him as “SIR GORDON”. A machete was substituted for a sword by Cheryl who acted as queen while being assisted by Sue. Gordon retained his British composure even while two women swung a machete around his neck.

So from now on when you see Gordon don’t mutter under your breath “Lord, here comes Gordon.” but rather “Here comes Lord Gordon…and Lady Nancy.

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

chacala como todos los lugares en vallarta es el lugar donde tu verdaderamente puedes encontrar sentido a tu vida yo he estado varias ocaciones ahi creo que es la tierra prometida, me gustaria ofrecerles prestamos a personas que les gusten esos lugares tan maravillosos mi nombre es azucena acosta pueden escribirme a
Chacala is a beautiful place like the other places in vallarta